Note: This is not a note about the cheesy vampire love story. After long, dark, lonely nights, the dawn finally came to my life.

January 2015.

It’s been two years since I resigned from Astra, the company that provided huge salary and safe position. It’s been two years since I left my comfort zone and took the leap to an unknown darkness. It’s been two years since I shared the story on why I made that decision, which was published on my book Follow @MerryRiana.

During those two years, many people asked, “So now, what are you up to?” They expected spectacular answers. Resigned from Astra, you must have awesome plans. Many thought I would be a successful motivator or started my own business and got rich instantly. They shook their heads in confusion when I replied that I joined a tiny, nameless startup.

Our office was only in a tiny apartment. We didn’t have office boy or cleaning service, so I had to mop the floor myself. Some of candidates that I invited for interview ran away when they saw the office – maybe they thought I was going to sell them as prostitute.

During the first year, there were moments when I asked myself, “I left Astra for this?” Hard times when clients were reluctant to be on board. Hard times when the employees I had trained for weeks resigned and left me with a pile of undone work. Hard times when I felt like I had given my best, and it just wasn’t enough.

But turned out that these words are 100% true: It’s supposed to be hard. If it’s easy, everyone will be doing it. The hard is what makes it great.

The result didn’t come instantly, but it showed bit by bit. Clients purchased again and again. Convincing portfolio made it easier to sell to new clients. Employees became family, turnover dropped drastically, they even recommended their friends to work for us. The office – now sophisticatedly located in a prestigious building – was full of laughters and jokes. It didn’t mean we no longer faced any problem, but we were united in one vision: this company was our second family.

If this were a movie or a novel, it would be the last chapter with happy ending. This nameless startup now known as Gift Card Indonesia that nailed million-dollars investment. As for myself, I accomplished the promise I made to myself. I earned enough money to travel around the world, and to buy my own apartment. Everything looked unbelievably perfect, and it all started with a leap of faith.

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